The processing

During the manufacturing process all our products are checked through a system of quality service in order to guarantee the conformity of each piece.

  • The manufacturing is made through a complete cycle under a constant control, starting from the planning phase to the assembling phase. From the rod in brass, through the hot pressing, we obtain the different parts which are worked with transfer machines at centesimal tolerance and then finished and assembled in order to obtain the finished product.
  • During the assembling phase and the mounting of the control handle, each valve is automatically tested in order to guarantee the perfect tightness .
  • The pieces which do not pass the tests, are subjected to a further inspection so that the planning and production engineers can have more information regarding the anomalies and the eventual modifications to apply on the items. The manufacturing cycle has been therefore organized in order to guarantee the reliability of the final product.
  • The quality service is in direct touch both with the general management of the firm and the customer and acts as mediation between the firm and the customer; it takes care and carries out the requirements and the expectations of the customer and realizes them in the firm by improving the service and the product.
  • A special department selects and confirms the external suppliers through the acceptance control (physical, dimensional and functional control).