Who we are


Our company is located in Valsesia in the North of Italy, leading area of heating and plumbing industry from decades.
Thanks to the great passion of brass the founder Mr. Galloppini Guido founded the company Rubinetterie R.G.G. and in 1969 he decided to expand the artisanal production by moving the company from the little craft workshop to the new seat of Galloppini srl, continuing the production of stop cocks, valves and others.

Mr. Guido Galloppini conveyed his passion to his children Rinaldo, Maura and Gabriele, who grew up with “brass perfume” from a very young age, and are running the business by continuing the traditional production together with the introduction of new products, by paying attention of new sectors thanks to the competence acquired in the years.


Company opening


registration in the Roll of Honour


Company run by children

Registration in the Roll of Honour, 1976

In 1976 the Italian Newspaper “Il Messaggero Economico Italiano” registred Galloppini Company in the Roll of Honour for its prestigious business activity.

Over the years Galloppini company undertook new projects by widening its range of products, by specialising in the production of articles and components according to customers’ request, manufactured in hot pressed or casted brass, casted bronze and aluminium.

Past and present time

Thanks to the latest technologies and the consolidated experience, we are manufacturing quality products all Made in Italy.
Our success is our customers’ satisfaction and thanks to them we are present on European and Extra-European markets, by offering higher qualitative standards in order to guarantee reliability and competence.

Thanks to the commitment and determination of all family components, all involved in the activity with a specific role, nowadays Galloppini is a dynamic company able to plan its own production in order to meet the requirements of each customer. This allows us to become an ideal reliable partner having the competence to manage all the stages of production cycles, by starting from the initial project with avant-garde software till the finished product, by giving therefore added value to each product, which is a very important quality for each customer.

The continuous improvement of production process, the investment in research and development, the quality of product, all those are the goals and the commitments which Galloppini S.r.l. intends to pursue over time with consciousness and conviction.

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